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Where Can I Find A Speech Therapist?

There are over 130,000 Speech Therapists in the US alone. They go by titles such as Speech-Language-Pathologist, Speech Therapist, Speech Pathologist. These therapists work in a variety of different settings and are generally not hard to find. Some work settings include:

  • Hospital in/out patient clinics
    (for any age group, any condition)
  • Rehabilitation settings (often post stroke, head
    trauma, or following a neurological event)
  • Long term care facilities such as nursing
    homes (dementia, stroke, head injury, debilitating disease)
  • Private practices (defined
    by the practice – articulation therapy for apraxia, lisp, stuttering etc.)
  • Schools (pre-school – K-12)
    therapy to help facilitate articulation, language. Help with speech or language disorders related
    to autism, Down Syndrome etc.
  • Early Intervention Service (children with
    developmental delays ages 0-3)
  • Home Health agencies (often service a wide variety of

Places to find a Speech Therapist:

  • Check yellow pages for clinics, home health agencies, clinics, and private practices advertising in your area. (Look under terms: Hospital, Speech, Home Health)
  • Google the terms speech therapist, speech, articulation, language therapy for your area
  • State speech therapist association
  • American Speech and Hearing Association
  • Ask your pediatrician or family physician


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