Speech Thoughts

They’re Conversing With Us Now

While we wait and sometimes pray for that “first word”, we may tend to miss out on the developmental sequence that’s really going on – the acquisition of sounds and first conversation.

Short of words a young one can communicate through eye contact, a smile, laugh or even a single sound. A child makes a sound, a parent responds in kind and the next thing you know there’s a conversation of sorts. What do such early exchanges of sounds, laughs, smiles and eye contact mean? They serve as the proving ground for a child’s eventual language development.  It’s the place where sounds are discovered, eye contact is made, a laugh is heard and first conversations come to be.

Who would have thunk, that well before the advent of words, such meaningful conversations can occur. It only goes to show the true wonder of all the individual pieces that makeup and precede the existence of human speech. You don’t have to wait for the words to appear, they’re  conversing with us now so don’t hesitate to join in.

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