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The Role Of Patience In Speech Therapy

Realizing your child has a developmental issue that may require speech therapy can be a difficult experience. Just my presence on the scene means a family is no longer alone and that a professional has arrived to help. I often feel the concerns which led to the call for help as I walk in the door

One of the first questions I’m asked is the length of time it will take till everything is ok.  As a therapist my role is to assure those concerned I am clinically competent with respect to their child’s issue and that over time things will improve – the key phrase is “over time”.

The dictionary defines patience as:

“The capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset.”

When discussing speech therapy programs with families, I liked discussing not getting frustrated, or discouraged by the events of the present. The acquisition of speech and language is a an evolving process. It entails both the formation of cognitive, neurological, and  physiological processes. For a word to be said, all the above processes (which by the way are invisible) have to act and coordinate in a manner they may have never done before. Given this multifaceted nature of speech, one of the most important elements for its acquisition s patience.


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