On Babbling…

Lately, I’ve witnessed that sometimes my 6 month year old grandson “Jack” is quiet and sometimes he talks a ton. I noticed also there are times when I want him to babble and he won’t make a peep. There appears a window of sorts that suddenly opens and sounds come forth.

The cool part of this window is that it can open at any time . Often it catches me by surprise. I’m working writing this blog, or in the kitchen cooking  and out of the quiet comes an array of sounds – “ah, ga. eeee. iiii ” with an occasional “h,m or even a “ba”.

These windows to vocal play can occur unannounced and quite randomly. Babbling just happens. As a therapist, I see such windows as having particular value to Jack’s overall speech and language development. It’s here Jack begins to explore and play with sounds. It’s in this place, using random sounds, Jack initiates some of the first conversations of his young life.

Yet given the suddenness and random nature of the window, it’s easy to miss or even misunderstand the teaching opportunity presented. So when for no apparent reason the window opens,  put down the computer, move away from the kitchen and join the fun! There’s some speech a brewing…

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