Speech Thoughts

Qualities of a good therapist

 Some essential prerequisites

  • Proper credentials
    Master’s degree in speech and language, state license (in states that require), Certificate of Clinical Competence CCC from the American Speech and Hearing Association (ASHA). Therapist schooling takes two years beyond college and can include a nine-month clinical fellowship.
  • Experience
    Your therapist has experience working with your child’s particular problem.
  • Initial Assessment
    Everything starts here one written competently defines the problem and sets up everything that follows. It’s a critical document. Its content provides useful information to other professionals working with your child.
  • Rapport
    Your toddler feels comfortable with your therapist. There is a distinct level of trust. Your child looks forward to the therapy session.
  • You feel good about them
    Do you believe they are competent?
  • Communication Skills
    Therapist communicates regularly with you. They make a point to talk to you after the session. Their documentation is timely, readable and helpful.
  • Inclusive
    You are part of the therapy process. There is a home program. 
  • Team Player
    Therapy often occurs with other disciplines. Therapist reaches out and communicates consistently with other professionals e.g.  OT, PT, doctor, nurse, teacher, the social worker.
  • Blends with your child’s world
    Therapist integrates interests and things of importance to your child in therapy.
  • Achieves goals
    Are the initial goals on target?  Is there a need to adjust?
  • Documentation
    Proper and timely documentation is paramount. Inaccurate or missing documentation stops funding.

These are nice things to have too

  • Current
    The therapist is up to date with new things happening in the field.  Familiar with trends going on in the field.
  • Creative/Thoughtful
    Thinks outside the box. Sometimes obstacles to progress require innovative solutions.
  • Generous
    Goes beyond the minimum expected. Spends extra time with you or e.g. makes therapy materials, coordinates with a teacher. Does things that surprise.