Speech Thoughts

Speech Development Rules of Thumb

Follow your child’s lead

If they’re playing with the “b” sound, then surround them with words words that contain “b”. ie- ball, bye, bed, bath. If they show interest in a particular show or book, point out the words that start with “B”.

They can only do what they can do

First word production is an awesome event. Many things cognitive, neurologic, and motoric have to happen for a word or even a sound to occur. It’s important to realize and be accepting the timing may just not be right.

Think in terms a your child’s world

Children at a young age have defined interests. Pay close attention to their world and interests. Do they like cars, animals, books, outdoor activities? Look for and point out the words which may be associated with such activities.

The important thing is the attempt

Remember you’re expecting your child to do something they’ve never done before. It may not be perfect and rarely is, the important thing is to try.

Think small

Often we expect so much from our little ones, but the reality is progress usually occurs in small increments. Break down speech tasks into it’s small manageable steps. With each success your child will become more and more interested.

Make learning fun

The beauty of being a child is that everything is new and that your in a constant mode of discovering. It’s a really an exciting time. Fill the moments with fun and laughter and don’t be surprised if in doing so you re-discover your inner child.

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