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Concern My Child’s Language Development may be Delayed

Language DevelopmentIt’s starts with observation, my child is not talking. This is followed by the thought something may be wrong with their language development.  Then the questions; will this just go away? How long will it take for speech to happen? Will my child ever speak? These are trying times for a parent. There are no instant solutions, only the realization my child’s development of speech and language may be at risk.

For many parents this is a new place. There may be some denial or a wanting for this to go away. Yet as time goes by and comparisons to other children occur, there’s the growing concern: the so called normal acquisition of speech and language is not yet happening.  There is a need to act, a need to better understand what is going on. My child is at a developmental impasse.

What Can I Do?

So something has to done, some calls have to be made, but to who, to where. The good news; there’s a network of professionals concerned and experienced in treating your child’s exact issue with language development. The situation you face is by no means unique. Many and I mean thousands have gone before to find relief from a worry that seems so now encompassing. Places to reach out might include your pediatrician, your local school district, and if your child is under three early intervention center(s) for your area.  

Prior to calling it’s a good idea to organize your concerns. You could note; how many sounds and words your child says. The general clarity of speech, missing sounds, misarticulations. Your child’s overall interest in talking, eye contact, ability to follow directions, identify pictures. How your child interacts with family and children their own age, and other concerns.

There’s a community of caring  professionals just waiting to help.

For more information on help to find the right therapist for your situation click here.

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